After a tearful goodbye to my father and pup, my mom and I started our road trip to Florida this morning!


Icebox (my car) is all packed with our stuff and I know she’s ready to make the trek across the gorgeous United States. After three hours of driving I needed a break with an old friend who is everywhere!


Every time I’m able to find a Starbucks, I feel like it’s a gift from God. Seriously. He knew I needed a caffeine fix to be able to drive another three hours. And they had pumpkin scones!! Not the best thing for you, I know, but they are my favorites!

We got back on the road and ventured across the state lines into Arizona! 3

I am not a desert person, and I was pretty surprised at how much beauty is in this state!


There are cacti and blue skies for miles. It is vastly gorgeous and I didn’t get sick of looking out the window in awe. My favorite part by far is the cacti. They look like people! Well, to me anyways. They have bodies and all these crazy arms. Most of them look like they’re waving at you from the side of the road. Some of them looked like they were having conversations with their other cactus friends. And yes, I gave them all voices. Then we came across the biggest cactus of my life!!


Day one is complete. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!