I discovered that Tombstone, AZ was on our way to Texas and after convincing my mom, we took the slight detour to check out that awesome town! To walk on the same street that Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp did was a surreal feeling.


The Birdcage Theater is still standing and is riddled with bullet holes. The building was the oldest original building on the street. It’s insane to think that men would just start shooting each other because one guy gave the other a nasty look. And everything on the second level of the saloon was more expensive. Beers were $5, as opposed to $0.50 downstairs, and the women would entertain the men for $25 a night.

At the end of the street is the Famous O.K. Corral, where the most famous gunfight in the history of the American Old West took place.

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They even had a haunted hotel!! I wanted to take a tour, but figured it wasn’t worth the 10 bucks. I did get a coffee mug though!



Completely satisfied with our stop in Tombstone, we continued our journey. About 15 miles outside of New Mexico, THIS happened:


Safe to say that my mom had a slight heart attack, but I reassured her that we were gonna make it to get gas. Although, I threw up several prayers to God to be on the safe side. God pulled through, as He always does, and we coasted into the gas station like pros.

There was NOTHING in New Mexico. Took us about two hours to get through it and then we entered The Lone Star State!14

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but I have to admit, their “Welcome” sign was unimpressive. (Sorry Texans!) I guess I was just expecting something more grand. However, on our way to dinner, we saw the beautiful sunset in El Paso. This picture gives you an idea, but doesn’t do it justice.


Trying to find something to eat was quite an adventure in itself. El Paso has a very confusing street system (at least to this blonde), and it didn’t help that Google maps lied to me! So frustrating!! Since we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we agreed to stop at the next place we saw because it was getting late and we were getting more and more hungry.

Turns out we found my new favorite restaurant: Jason’s Deli!! They have soooooo many options, it was difficult to choose what to eat. I settled on a salmon sandwich with organic blue corn chips. D-E-Licious!! And you wanna know the best part?? They give you FREE ICE CREAM!!! “Because everyone deserves dessert!”


Sorry Californians, there doesn’t appear to be any of these amazing delis in your state, BUT there IS ONE in Fort Myers!! YESSSSS!!! I mean, free ice cream – need I say more??