I am not saying that The Alamo wasn’t an important part of history, but I honestly do not remember it. At all. Do you? I don’t remember learning about it in school, ever. If it was so important and we are supposed to remember it, wouldn’t we have been taught it in school?

Yesterday, February 10, was an interesting day. Icebox was making some noises, so we took her into a AAA-approved shop. The place looked kinda sketchy, but the people there were ridiculously nice. They had a customer lounge straight out of the 1960’s, including wood paneling on the walls and this amazing television set, complete with rabbit ears.


We were in the lounge for about an hour or so and then the mechanic came back and told us what was wrong with my car. He was not concerned at all and said that we could make the rest of the tip to Florida. I called a coworker of mine who is car savvy, told him all the details and he agreed. So, we went to collect my car keys from the receptionist and as I pulled out my credit card, she said that there was no charge. I asked her if she was sure since they troubleshooted my car for so long and she said again that they didn’t want to charge us anything. Talk about Southern Hospitality!!

The weather in San Antonio was so crappy. It was FREEZING, super windy, and raining. And yes, it was freezing to other Texans as well, not just to this spoiled Southern Californian (the guy at the gas station even had a conversation with me about the weather!). We decided we didn’t want to endure the crazy weather conditions down at the River Walk, but since we were one freeway exit away, we went to The Alamo.

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Then my mom and I discovered that we are the worst tourists everrrrr!! Again, the weather was bad and we were short on time. Since The Alamo is outside, we walked around briefly and took some pictures. It is a gorgeous place and I really wish we had more time to stay and take a tour. But we just messed around the gift shop for a bit and went on our merry way. It was z lot of fun still! We’ll just have to look up the history at another time… Is that a California thing? Do we not care? I mean, we completely care about the history of the United States, but yeah… I think you get my point. And if not, oh well. I understand what’s going on in this blonde head. Most of the time, anyways.

That all took place before noon. The rest of the day was spent in the car. It was extremely windy and sometimes it rained so hard that there was limited visibility. When I was driving through Houston, I was amazed at how reckless people were driving. Especially the semi-truck drivers. I got cutoff by one and then there was a Beamer weaving in-and-out of traffic. And not only was it pouring rain, but all the water that tires ahead of me were kicking up made it all worse. I was so tense driving through there. All I wanted was my two-lane highway back. I eventually got there and then all was right again.

Best part of driving through Houston on this rainy day was the view of downtown. The clouds were so low they were covering the buildings. It was absolutely gorgeous.


Last night, we FINALLY made it into Louisiana, and this morning, we made it to New Orleans! I have been waiting the whole trip to explore this gorgeous city! We first went to a cemetery and then explored The French Quarter. It really is a beautiful place!!25

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