A piece of me still can’t believe that my Mom is gone and I’m LIVING in Florida. Crazy!! This past weekend was the first one I’ve had here by myself. And I was way too busy to even think about being on my own.

Friday night, I went out with my new fellow Floridian friend, Hilary! Both in need of a good night, we headed to downtown Ft. Myers for dinner and to check out the scene. Best thing about downtown: People watching.

We stumbled into a local bar to check out the live music that was coming from inside. Honestly, I don’t remember if the band was any good or not. Probably not that good since they didn’t make an impression on me. However, I do recall them playing Sublime, which will make any Cali girl happy. What I DO remember were all the guys who walked into the place. And my heart immediately sank. I moved from one idiot-filled state to another. Oy vey!!

 I am so glad that I have a friend down here already! She has definitely made this transition much easier! And we get to people watch together and take Fort Myers by storm!

HilarySaturday came and I spent the morning completely lazing around. Shockingly, I unpacked two boxes. I should have done a lot more, but the feeling that I needed to relax just took over. Ha! Then I went out and chopped some hair off.


I’m still getting used to this cut – I’ve never had an asymmetrical cut before. But I am liking it! I loved my long hair, but never had the time to do anything with it, so I just chopped it off. And I’m glad I did!

My new short hair made life a lot easier on Sunday when I joined my uncle Steve down in Bonita Springs for an afternoon workout.  We got on his bikes and rode 12 miles to the gym, did an upper body and abs workout for about 45 minutes, and then hopped back on the bikes for the 12 mile ride home. It was a GORGEOUS day!! I love being active and it was a great way to take advantage of the beautiful weather God blessed us with.

To wrap up the day, Steve and I enjoyed a delicious dinner at The Fish House, on the water at sunset. It was a great day and an awesome weekend overall. Back to the grind till next weekend!