Saturday, April 12, was my birthday. I celebrated 27 years on this earth in the gorgeous state of Florida. Although my family and most of my friends are 3,000 miles away, I had one of the best birthday weekends to date.

Friday, my coworkers brought in a cake and a balloon to kick the weekend off for me. (Not sure when I became a Hello Kitty fan, but it’s the thought, right? 🙂 )


Then that night, I was invited out to dinner with a family I hold dear in my heart. They were my next-door neighbors in Huntington Beach for 20 years. The kids baked and decorated a cake for me. It made me feel really special.


Saturday was my actual birthday and simply amazing. I spent the entire day at the beach with my good friend Hilary. She’s really amazing and I’m glad that we have met and can experience Fort Myers together.


Throughout the day, I received many text messages, Facebook postings, and phone calls. One of my favorite calls was from my parents. I had missed their call at first but immediately called them back. We talked for a little bit and that was great. Later, I saw that they had left me a voicemail and when I listened to it, it was the two of them singing “Happy Birthday” to me. It was so cute and made me feel very loved. Definitely saving that voicemail!!

Wrapped up the weekend with dinner with my uncle and his girlfriend last night. There is a restaurant called The Fish House and their food never disappoints. I had this AMAZING shrimp and lobster pasta in alfredo sauce. I’m sure it was terrible for me, but if you can’t splurge on your birthday, then when can you??

As my birthday was approaching, I was actually getting anxious. Not because I am one year closer to THIRTY (yikes!!), but because this was the first year that I would be spending the day without my immediate family. Call me a daddy or mamma’s girl, I don’t care. My parents are amazing human beings and I love them to death. I definitely missed seeing them on my birthday this year, but they made sure I knew that they were thinking of me and kept telling me how much they love me.

This birthday showed me how blessed I am to have so many special people in my life. God has surrounded me in love and He made sure to let me know that I wasn’t alone. Twenty-six was a great year, but I have a feeling 27 will be even better!! Stay tuned for more adventures! 🙂