On May 3, 2014, my gorgeous mother turned 60 with grace and finesse. I couldn’t miss out on this milestone, so I hopped on a plane and headed west for the weekend – my mom had no clue I was coming.

My parents share the same birthday month and were on a vacation to celebrate when I flew in. I got in on Thursday afternoon which gave me enough time to bake a cake, arrange flowers and wrap the gift I got her. I put all of that out on the buffet that is seen right when you enter the front door.

They got home Friday morning and I hid in the kitchen so my mom didn’t see me. She saw all the goodies and asked my dad where it all came from. I walked around the corner and said, “Happy Birthday!” Mom was definitely in shock and was surprised to see me. She started to cry and I’m pretty sure they were tears of happiness.

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day in Huntington Beach, so we decided to go to Fred’s down on Main St. for lunch. Growing up in California, I am spoiled by our Mexican food, which doesn’t compare to anything else. The “Mexican food” in Florida is a joke, so I need a good fix every time I’m in CA.


Saturday was Mom’s actual birthday and all she wanted to do was go to the Angels game. We are a baseball family to our core. My mom, dad and I went on to watch the Angels beat the Texas Rangers.


It was such a great game! A couple of rookies made their MLB debuts and killed it. The game was followed by a fireworks show – however old I get, I’ll never get sick of those.


Sunday morning, I was off to the airport early. The trip home was waaaayyyy too short, but definitely worth it. I’m sure lots of people say this, but my mom is the best mom EVER!! She has always been there for me and will continue to be. I love you, Mom!!