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California Christmas


Ahhh… My absolute favorite place in Huntington Beach, California. I could stand in that spot all day and never leave.

Although I love my new home in Florida, I was really happy that I was able to go back to California for Christmas. I was truly blessed to be able to make it there and I had a great time hanging out with all my family and friends.

Ten days went by super quick with all of the festivities that went on: Continue reading “California Christmas”


I’m A Triathlete!!


I never thought that I would EVER say these words in my life: I’M A TRIATHLETE!!! Absolutely insane.

I have overcome several challenging events in my life, including losing 80 pounds and keeping it off. I am well aware that I still have weight I need to lose, but I try my hardest to not focus on how far I need to go, but remember how far I have come. Continue reading “I’m A Triathlete!!”

The Don Takes on FL

Last week, I was honored to host my father for his first trip to Florida. I’m pretty sure he had a good time… He actually SMILED in most of the pictures. My mom knows that this is a great feat! She’s been having him practice smiling while taking selfies. Haha!

As many of my coaches have said throughout my life, practice makes perfect! And I’ll never forget the first thing my dad said to me in the airport, “Let’s take a selfie!” Who knew this 69-year-old man was so amazing?? I did!!

2 3 Continue reading “The Don Takes on FL”

Sixty Never Looked So Good

On May 3, 2014, my gorgeous mother turned 60 with grace and finesse. I couldn’t miss out on this milestone, so I hopped on a plane and headed west for the weekend – my mom had no clue I was coming.

My parents share the same birthday month and were on a vacation to celebrate when I flew in. I got in on Thursday afternoon which gave me enough time to bake a cake, arrange flowers and wrap the gift I got her. I put all of that out on the buffet that is seen right when you enter the front door. Continue reading “Sixty Never Looked So Good”


Saturday, April 12, was my birthday. I celebrated 27 years on this earth in the gorgeous state of Florida. Although my family and most of my friends are 3,000 miles away, I had one of the best birthday weekends to date.

Friday, my coworkers brought in a cake and a balloon to kick the weekend off for me. (Not sure when I became a Hello Kitty fan, but it’s the thought, right? 🙂 )


Continue reading “Twenty-Seven”

For the Love of the Game


Passion. Everyone has it in some form. Whether it’s for school, movies, music, cars, sports, or anything else, everyone has at least one passion in their life.

I may be wrong in saying this, but I don’t think passion can be taught. I believe that it is something that you’re born with. Sure, you get to know eventually what you like and dislike, and that is where your passion grows from. Maybe I’m contradicting myself here, I don’t know.

What I do know is that I have a passion for baseball and softball. It is the greatest American pastime that is always exciting and never gets old. Continue reading “For the Love of the Game”

Flying Solo

A piece of me still can’t believe that my Mom is gone and I’m LIVING in Florida. Crazy!! This past weekend was the first one I’ve had here by myself. And I was way too busy to even think about being on my own.

Friday night, I went out with my new fellow Floridian friend, Hilary! Both in need of a good night, we headed to downtown Ft. Myers for dinner and to check out the scene. Best thing about downtown: People watching.

We stumbled into a local bar to check out the live music that was coming from inside. Honestly, I don’t remember if the band was any good or not. Probably not that good since they didn’t make an impression on me. However, I do recall them playing Sublime, which will make any Cali girl happy. What I DO remember were all the guys who walked into the place. And my heart immediately sank. I moved from one idiot-filled state to another. Oy vey!! Continue reading “Flying Solo”

No Regrets

It may sound silly, but living a life with no regrets is something that I am striving towards. I happened upon this article on Elite Daily’s website titled, 10 Regrets That Spontaneous People Will Never Have, and I had to read it. In reading this article, I discovered that I have done most of these things which I am proud of, and there are a few on that list that I haven’t done, which I am also proud of.

I have seen the sunset countless times and it takes my breath away. Every time it sets, God has blessed me with another piece of art. And watching the sunrise is a completely wonderful and different experience in itself. A sunrise is so peaceful. There is really nothing like it. It marks the beginning of a brand new day – a day to make your own. One that I experienced recently was overlooking the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, FL, my new hometown. They sky was crystal blue, streaked with thin bright pink clouds and when the sun started making its appearance, the sky turned to a gorgeous gold color – completely different from a sunset. Continue reading “No Regrets”

We made it!!

Ahhhh!! I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post. SO MUCH has happened!!

While in New Orleans, the weather got pretty bad at night. The power even went out in our hotel. The news was using words that they never use when regarding the weather. Words like catastrophic, paralyzing, once in a lifetime, and my favorite: deadly. Then a coworker of mine was kind enough to send me this picture and told me to enjoy:


Ha! We decided to brave the weather (because we’re invincible Californians, of course) and drive to Florida the next morning. Continue reading “We made it!!”

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